Movepod Podiatry Torquay is a sports health clinic dedicated to helping you take control of your health and lifestyle. We strongly believe in keep people moving through their rehab to get you back doing the things you love


Our Torquay Podiatry Clinic is the perfect facility to take care of all your Podiatry and Sports Injury needs. Sharing a facility with the incredible team at Coastal Balance Physiotherapy, the clinic is designed to help you get all the way from injured all the way back to creating a stronger and more resilient body than you’ve ever had before.

Our Facility

The Torquay Podiatry clinic is set out with multiple clinic rooms surrounding a shared Gym and Pilates space where we assist you with your injury rehab journey. The space is designed to assist you with all stages of your recovery from your injury. We provide equipment that assist us with early stage rehab exercises where your capacity or mobility might be in a slightly more restricted state. Then, as we move you through your rehab journey and increase your strength and movement capacity we have all the gym equipment required to facilitate these progressions, all the way through to return to sport or return to full daily activities.




Getting to Know You

This first part of your assessment is the most important part, it’s where we get to know a little bit about you. We will chat about your interests, what a typical day looks like for you, any activity or movement you do, what you do for work, the things that motivate you, your goals and expectations etc. We also talk about the pain or discomfort you’re experiencing, when it’s bothering you, what it feels like and the impact it’s having on your life. This part of the assessment allows us to start narrowing down your diagnosis as well as getting an idea of some causes and how we can develop a management plan around your life.


Functional Movement Screening

During this part of the assessment we look at a number of different movements to see if anything replicates pain. These assessments also give us an idea of what your body is capable of doing, the way your nervous system controls your muscles and how strength or mobility deficits might be contributing to your pain.


Running / Walking Assessment

Our Torquay podiatry clinic offers running and walking assessments which form an important part of every injury assessment to assist us in finding the root cause of your injury. By finding the actual cause of your injury we are able to be much more specific in tailoring the rehab to your specific needs. To undertake these assessments we have treadmills on site as well as the professional slow motion / frame-by-frame gait analysis software. Using this assessment tool we can see how you are moving through your running and walking gait cycle from multiple angles and inefficiencies in movement.


Once we have a really clear idea of what your injury is and the things that are contributing to your injury, we can map out a plan for you that details what we need to do to get you back to 100% and how long that is expected to take.


Treatment Strategies

Manual Therapy

Our Podiatrists at the Torquay Sports Podiatry Clinic are trained in the use of multiple types of manual therapy which can assist with early stage symptom management. We can use massage, joint mobilisation / manipulation and dry needling to assist in easing symptoms, which may allow us to work on increasing movement and exercise earlier in rehab. These therapies are all relatively pain free and quick ways to modulate pain and modify symptoms.

Strapping, Padding & Orthotics

These are the little tricks of the trade we can teach you to help take load away from painful areas. We use padding, strapping and orthotics as a short term treatment option to assist in reducing your pain whilst we work on resolving the causes of your injury. There are very few situations where someone requires long term use of an orthotic, so we focus on creating strong, healthy feet that will eventually decrease dependency on supportive devices.


Movement Training & Load Management

At the source of every injury are some common causes which usually include a combination of lacking strength, mobility or just simply doing too much too soon. In the early stages of your rehab some activity modifications may be required to help control symptoms and get you on the right track. When it comes to these modifications we always want to AVOID removing activity completely. A large part of your recovery will involve working to improve your movement quality, increasing your body’s tolerance to movement and return returning you to activity more resilient than ever!

Our Torquay Podiatry clinic is situated within Coastal Balance Centre where we are aligned with a number of health professionals including Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Pilates.

There is free onsite parking at our Torquay location with plenty of space for our clients. You can find us near the Torquay Bunnings at 2 Haystacks Drive, Torquay.

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What Can Our Torquay Podiatrist Help With?

  • ​Plantar Fasciitis

  • Achilles Tendon Injuries

  • Heel Pain

  • Shin Splints

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Stress Fractures

  • Acute Fractures

  • Forefoot Pain / Injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Knee pain (eg. knee cap or ITB)

  • Sever's in Kids