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Why Get a Coach?

Two of the biggest frustrations we hear from runners are:

"I'm not getting better"

"I'm always injured/niggly"

Which makes complete sense, because very few of us have been taught how to run properly.

Most runners have a gap in knowledge in either run technique, how to structure a running plan, how to periodise training for different times in the year, where and how does strength training fit in...

That's where we come in...

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Become a Resilient Runner

We use the best training app available to teach you how to structure your training.

Using metrics like threshold power and heart rate, we teach you how to tap into the potential of your body's different energy systems.

This type of training is about maximising your bodies potential and using what your body is telling us to further guide training.

Watch as you begin to run further and faster without the usual soreness you've come to expect from training.

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Get Started Today

If you're going for a PB, building up for a race, or just getting back into running, this is the place to start.

We coach a range of middle distance events including:

  • 5km - 10km (track, road & trail)

  • Half Marathon

  • Marathons

  • Ultra Marathons (50km, 100km, 100mile)

To get started or ask any questions, send us a message below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

$20 AUD   per week

1-on-1 Online Run Coaching

  • Initial phone call or zoom chat to discuss goals and experience levels

  • Education around training types, utilising different energy systems, pacing/breathing, and many more important topics

  • Ongoing dynamic Individualised training planning

  • Unlimited communication with coach via email or text

  • Running technique info and drills from coach on request

  • Race/event planning pacing and nutrition strategy for the day

  • Unlimited tweaking and modification of training plan

  • Discounts on Movepod services and other affiliate businesses

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