Forefoot Conditions


The foot is an extremely complex structure with 28 bones, 30 joints and over 100 other soft tissue structures in each foot alone!

The forefoot makes up and important piece of this puzzle as it is where we place a lot of weight and pressure when we are producing force through the push of phase of running, walking and jumping. There are a number of issues which can arise in the forefoot involving the fatty padding, joint capsule, bone health, ligament structure, nerve irritation and bursae.

Below are some of the most common forefoot injuries we see with a brief description of each:

Inter-metatarsal Bursitis / Neuritis

  • This involves irritation of the space between your metatarsal bones (the bones in your forefoot)

  • It can present as burning, tingling, numbness of your forefoot and toes

  • Some people will only report these symptoms when in certain shoes, indicating that those shoes could be aggravating symptoms through compression

  • Intermetatarsal Bursitis can be diagnosed and treated at any of Movepod Podiatry Clinics.

Metatarsophalangeal Capsulitis / Synovitis

  • These two injuries involve the joints at the ball of your foot

  • Capsulitis involves irritation of the soft tissue that holds the joint together

  • Synovitis is irritation of the surface of the bone within the joint

  • These can sometimes feeling like bruising, achey or sharp pain underneath the ball of the foot when standing for periods of time

  • Some people will describe this as being worse when barefoot or when in thin soled flexible shoes

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