Angus McSweyn (BHScMPod)

Senior Podiatrist



- Bachelor of Health Science

- Masters of Podiatric Practice

- AFL Podiatrist for Essendon FC

Movepod podiatrist Gus McSweyn holds a deep focus on the prescription of footwear, rehabilitation exercises and where required orthotics, to reduce pain and restore confidence in difficult foot and lower limb injuries.


Clinically Gus splits his time between Geelong and Torquay when at home down the surf coast, while also consulting within the Essendon Football Club. 

He has significant experience consulting with elite track and field athletes, sporting organizations and in providing feedback for prominent footwear brand Nike. 


He uses this evidence based clinical and personal experience, to guide you through your treatment and rehab program for acute sporting, post operative or chronic injury presentations.


Outside of Podiatry you'll find Gus keeping fit with local running communities like The Finishr and playing country footy, while also spruiking his bamboo sock company (Fresh Feet Sock Co) to anyone that will listen.